Peer Debrief


Are you new to certification? Would you like to deepen your skill through practice, in debriefing EQ-i 2.0 assessments? Then this is the place to start. Being EQ-i 2.0 certified with EITC is a prerequisite.

More about Peer Debrief

This opportunity is for you to join other engaged EITC alumni colleagues to deepen your skills with EQ-i 2.0 debriefs.

Prerequisite: EQ-i 2.0 certified with EITC

Alumni opportunity to deepen your EQ-i 2.0 debrief skills

The new EITC Peer Debrief Program is designed to help you do just that. Working with other EITC alumni who are also committed to their growth, you will have the opportunity to practice and develop your debrief skills, from preparing for the debrief, to setting the stage, identifying and co-creating practices or development strategies.

Partnership program

You will be paired with another EITC alumni and will provide a debrief for each other, based on your own EQ-i 2.0 reports.

This program is scheduled with a start date and both debriefs are to be completed within 45 days.

Peer debrief is an excellent way to improve your EQ-i 2.0 debriefing skills.