Emotions Cards


This deck of cards (beautifully illustrated!) is a learning and teaching aid designed to deepen one’s understanding of emotions as well as social and emotional intelligence skills.

A deck of emotion cards to help guide your learning and the learning of others. Use them by yourself, in one-on-one settings with clients, or with groups.

What you get with this learning tool

This deck of illustrated cards will help you, or your clients, to develop:

  • emotional self-awareness
  • emotional vocabulary
  • awareness of the emotional landscapes of others
  • shared understanding between people
  • a more nuanced understanding of emotions and the myriad ways they inform our lives
  • other emotional intelligence skills

This deck comes with:

  • 87 illustrated emotions
  • Instructions for four activities
  • Instructions for online access to more games and activities

Activities include

  • Emotional Vocabulary Exercise
  • Problem Solving Activity
  • Self-Actualization Activity
  • Three Memories Exercise
  • More online!

A montage of illustrated Emotions Cards showing people with various emotions like excitement, relief, encouraged, and more.