Here’s how emotional intelligence certification changed Sam’s life

“This is a story about Sam. Sam works in human resources, aka people services, at Company X. Sam discovers how to get certified in emotional intelligence assessment, so that he can help all the teams meet their greatness.”

0:00 This is Sam.
0:02 Sam works in human resources at Company X.
0:06 He’s worked with a lot of managers over the years.
0:10 He’s noticed a few things.
0:12 Some of them have excellent people skills.
0:14 Some of them don’t.
0:16 Some of them seem to be inspiring.
0:19 Their teams have buzz.
0:21 They disagree with each other, and they’re productive.
0:24 They bring their real selves, and their emotional lives to the office everyday.
0:27 And they support each other.
0:30 Sam loves his company and he wants it to be all that it can be.
0:35 So does the CEO who is always calling Sam with helpful suggestions.
0:40 Memos, pay structures and team alignments are important,
0:44 But they’re not enough.
0:46 Sam knows the challenges they face
0:48 are more systemic, cultural and deeply human.
0:52 One day Sam travelled to a conference in Vancouver
0:55 where he discovered a book
0:57 on emotional intelligence.
0:59 Which he began to read immediately
1:01 and he loved it.
1:03 He had an idea.
1:05 He wondered if emotional intelligence skills
1:07 could explain why some managers
1:09 and some teams
1:11 did better than others.
1:13 So Sam decided to learn how to assess
1:15 and develop emotional intelligence, or EI.
1:19 He found a company that specialized in EI
1:21 and EI certification.
1:23 He got an assessment for himself
1:25 and learned how he could work on his own emotional operating system.
1:29 And most importantly, he got
1:31 He got certified to administer the assessment to others
1:36 He went back to his company and began working with managers who
1:39 wanted help with their leadership skills.
1:41 The CEO was intrigued and volunteered to go first.
1:45 Pretty soon, everyone wanted an assessment.
1:49 The impact was noticed.
1:51 The culture was shifting.
1:53 Sales went up, customer retention went up.
1:56 People were engaged.
1:58 Deadlines were getting met.
2:00 Communication and teamwork improved.
2:03 And Sam? Well Sam was happy.

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